Rack – 6™

MOCON’s RACK-6System increases throughput for testing the Oxygen transmission rate through RIGID packages when used in conjunction with OX-TRAN® 2/61. Designed to allow for rapid testing of rigid packages containing Oxygen barrier and scavenger material.


  • PACKAGE conditioning Rack
  • Container Transfer Unit (CTU)
  • Quickly adaptable and retrofittable to the MOCON OX-TRAN® Model 2/61
  • Continually condition six (6) packages while simultaneously testing six (6) packages
  • Add (any number of conditioning racks) to further increase throughput
  • For RIGID packages containing Oxygen barrier and scavenger material
  • Condition off-line and periodically monitor for breakthrough
  • CTU allows transfer of packages in seconds to instrument testing cells
  • CTU ensures no loss of equilibrium
  • High throughput