MOCON’s Consulting & Testing Services Group offers a wide range of “semi-standard” testing services. These are tests that MOCON is uniquely equipped to perform on a routine basis due to high industry demand.

Testing for…

  • Film testing for N2TR
  • Porous film WVTR (101K)
  • Film testing for Wet CO₂
  • Film testing of Aroma Component-TR (use AromaTran 1A or GC)
  • Transient data and graphs
  • Package and Film testing for CO₂ with humidity present
  • P, S and D values of water vapor, O₂ and CO₂
  • Testing beyond the standard temperature range of commercial instruments
  • Film testing for Helium-TR, Argon-TR
  • Testing of porous film or perforated film OTR, CO₂TR (Guard film method)