OpTech®-O2 Model P Test System

OpTech®-O2 Model P Test System

OpTech O₂ – Model P

The OpTech®– O₂ Model P replaces the OpTech®– O₂ Platinum. It measures oxygen permeation, headspace, dissolved oxygen and package leak. It is the ideal multi-application oxygen analyzer for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical applications where measuring oxygen and understanding its effect on product shelf life is critical. In addition, the Model P offers the new Pressure Needle which enables the the instrument to automatically compensate for internal package pressure.

Internal package pressure directly impacts the accuracy of the oxygen reading with optical fluorescence instruments. For example, if the internal package pressure is half the ambient pressure and is not compensated for by the instrument, the oxygen percentage will falsely read half the actual percentage in the package. Conversely, if the internal package pressure is twice the ambient pressure, the oxygen percentage will falsely read two times higher than the actual percentage. Incorrect oxygen readings directly impact the projected shelf life requirements.

In all other aspects the Model P is identical with the Platinum version. Internal package pressure has always been able to be entered manually and is available on the Model P.


  • Ergonomic
  • No bulky fiber optic cables
  • Automatic internal package pressure compensation*
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Reusable, easy to place sensors – no glues needed
  • Non-consuming sensor – designed for limited headspace
  • Visible, non-UV light source for simple, targeted reading
  • ImPULSE™ sensor for opaque packaging materials
  • Packaging oriented software
  • No gas calibration needed for the reader
  • Accurate readings through colored packaging material
  • One calibration for all adhesive sensors
  • Non-consuming sensors make it ideal for long term O₂ studies

* When using the Pressure Needle


Detector and Base

  • Warm-up time: 20 minutes
  • Detector dimensions: Width: 1.3 in 3.30 cm Height: 1.9 in 4.83 cm
  • Depth: 9 in 22.86 cm (with needle), 6 in 15.24 cm (without needle)
  • Base Dimensions: Width: 4.8 in 12.19 cm Height: 2.7 in 6.8 cm
  • Depth: 10 in 25.40 cm
  • Measurement method: Epifluorence Confocal
  • Power: Standard Power USB Port (2.5 watt)
  • Operating temperature: 10 – 35C
  • Operating humidity: 0 – 100% non-condensing
  • Compliance: CE/CSA/UL
  • PDF report options: Through program from computer